The House of Tara….(T.H.O.T.)………
We are a design and manufacturing company based out of New Delhi, India. We specialize in all kinds of fashion and utility bags.

A gift for all seasons and occasions

Indian handicrafts and craftsmanship are renowned all over the world. Indian handcrafted bags and accessories act as suitable gift items to your loved ones on any occasions. A very wide range of such handcrafted bags are available to you by The House of Tara. You can pick your choice of handbags, purses, backpacks, wallets, backpack bag, totes, laptop sleeves etc. On The House of Tara (T.H.O.T.), you can never go wrong and the quality is just incomparable. All of our products are genuine with quality checks and inspections at every step. We believe in keeping the environment clean and contribute towards it by using recycled fabrics and processes. Vibrant colours, patterns, size, zips are not only going to tempt you to buy but the receiver of the gift will also enjoy.

Stepping out in style with matching accessories, shoes and bag is like a mandate every girl wishes to follow. Apart from styling; one also looks out for functionality and utility in a bag. With T.H.O.T. totes, hobos, tote bags, cross body bags; you can never go wrong and will have a perfect mix of style and utility. Geometric patterns, vibrant shades and fancy cuts will always set you apart from the crowd. It’s like neighbour’s envy and owners pride. When these are combined with ethnic Indian fashion then the plethora of your wardrobe is going to be the buzz word amongst your group of friends. Our products are also affordable and are easy to maintain. Visiting T.H.O.T. is never going to be a waste of time and you will always find something suiting your style quotient.

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